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Our company

Marc Vandenhole

Marc Vandenhole / CEO

Established in 1993, BEM'S has now become an international leader in the distribution of video games, consoles, accessories and entertainment licensed products.
BEM'S is continually expanding its products line to offer always more variety and diversity. In addition to video games, BEM'S offers now a very large range of entertainment licensed products (Bobble heads, mugs, figurines, plushes, textile, geek gadgets, lifestyle products, books, Manga DVD, retro gaming,...
This currently represents a catalog of over 36.900 items.

About BEM'S :

BEM'S philosophy can be summarized in 2 words : Service and Professionalism.
Each employee shares these values and this is our key to success.
In this purpose, BEM'S has developed a very high-performance professional website. Thanks to a top level marketing team, this website is continuously updated and allows BEM'S' customers to find qualitative information on all products (release dates, product information, packshots, videos, …), and stock status, history of orders, open invoices, pending deliveries, etc...

Besides this efficient website, a dynamic and friendly sales team brings a nice human dimension and encourages regular contact with each client.

Of course, BEM'S also owes its reputation to its very attractive and competitive prices and regular promotions.
To perfect all this, delivery is fast (24h) and efficient (the error rate <0,05%).

Download our presentation brochure (pdf format).

Our tools

Our aim: to be always a step ahead and to offer the best IT tools for our business.



The easiest way to work with us…(on-line product information, management of your orders, re-pricings, last arrivals, financial information...)

>POS : Cash register software

POS : Cash register software

POS is an easy on-line solution to help you manage your cash operations, and so much more...

BSD : Full Statistics information for our publishers and manufacturers

BSD : Full Statistics information for our publishers and manufacturers

Sales statistics, lifetime pre-orders information

BIM : Interactive terminal

BIM : Interactive terminal

more than 5000 licensed products accessible to all your clients with one simple click.

BDM : Bem's Distribution Management

BDM : Bem's Distribution Management

Centralized management multi point of sale, shelf management, statistical sales ...

BCM : Bem's Central Management

BCM : Bem's Central Management

Centralized management multi outlets, top selling point, statistical sales ...

More than 700 active partners trust us.

Our priority : your satisfaction.

Our Product range

more than 36.900 items.
A large choice

BEM'S currently offers more than 36.900 different items.
We can find there 99% of existing consoles and video games, of all publishers.

BEM'S also distributes a vey large range of licensed products (plushes, bobble head, mugs, textile, toys, statues, ...) and IT accessories, books, audio headsets, Manga DVDs, soluce guides, retro gaming.

BEM'S benefits from a very solid financial base, which clearly distinguishes it from its competitors and ensures the trust of all its suppliers.
BEM'S is also regularly approached by foreign suppliers to ensure the exclusive distribution of their products on certain territories (e.g, Afterglow, Pix n Love, etc...

Account Opening

Bems.be is only for professionals

To sign-up as a new customer, you have to send us your full details to the following address mfi@bems.be.
We will ask a credit line for you to our credit insurer Atradius (Coface) to allow you to pay within 30 days.
If this request for a credit line is refused, you always have the option to prepay your order or debit your credit card.

What full details means :

  1. Full address of your company and contact person
  2. Legal documents of your company*
  3. A photocopy of the ID card of the owner*
  4. Your VAT Intracom number

Once your account is created, we will send you a password to access our professional website. It is very complete and will allow you to find our full range of products, prices, release dates, open invoices, your backorders, pending deliveries, etc.

When signing up with Bem's, an internal sales will inform you about our operating mode.

Mirella Fiorelli / CFO

* for non belgian customers